Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Machine

    • Setup Area: 3x3
    • Outlets: 1

    • $85.00
    • Please call to reserve this item.

Your Cotton candy machine comes complete with supplies for 50 people. Additional supplies are available.

available favors Blue Raspberry, Pink Vanilla

                               How to make Cotton Candy

            Making Cotton Candy is very Easy and a lot of fun.

1.      Put Cotton Candy machine on a secure table or stand.
2.      Loosen travel support knobs located on left and right side of
         spinner head.
3.      Put Cotton Candy Pan on Cotton Candy machine base and set
         optional double bubble on top.
4.      Cotton Candy Pan should have a plastic whirl Grip stabilizer to
         help keep floss from flying wild. 
         If you spray a small amount of water on whirl grip stabilizer this
         will control wild floss.
5.      Plug in machine and fill spinner head with sugar. (Do not over fill)
6.      Turn on Spinner head and heat switch.
7.      Cotton Candy will start of build pan.  Pick cotton Candy from pan
         using paper cones.  Be sure to keep your hands away from
         spin head for safety.
8.      Changing flavors of cotton candy is done by just adding the new
         flavor on top of the old flavor and letting it work its way 
         through the machine.
9.      Cleaning the Machine is very simple.  Just clean the round pan,
         whirl grip stabilizer and double bubble with warm water. 
10.   While traveling be sure to tighten travel knobs.