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What is the WATCHDOG™ Blower-Siren? This revolutionary patented safety device designed by Safety Air Systems, LLC connects to your blower and monitors for common problems such as extension cords coming undone, circuit breakers popping, or kids shutting down or unplugging blowers... if there's a problem, the WATCHDOG™ will let you know with its built-in 120-decibel siren in just seconds!

Easy to setup, easier to use.

The WATCHDOG™ Blower-Siren is simple to set up. Just follow these two easy steps:

1. Connect the blower.
Plug your extension cord and blower power cord into the base of the WATCHDOG™.

2. Arm the siren.
Once power is connected, press the red button at the base of the WATCHDOG™. The siren will "chirp", letting you know the WATCHDOG™ is armed and is now on-duty.
Ruggedly designed.

The WATCHDOG™ Blower-Siren is constructed out of durable materials that can be used both inside and outside, and is protected by U.S. Patent No. 6,650,246. The WATCHDOG™ even has a special self-charging battery, meaning it's always ready to go.